This cat breeder packs numerous "breeders" in to crates and stacks them.Mr. Peabody, a Puppy Mill/Pet Store Product

It's Up To You:

What YOU Can Do to Help End the Suffering

At the moment, there is NO Pet Facilities Bill. Write to your new state legislators and let them know that you WANT one!

How to Contact Your Elected Officials   *   What To Say   *   Sample Message

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 dog/cat bullet   How to Contact your Elected Officials:   dog/cat bullet

  • In Wisconsin, you can easily find your area's representatives and their contact information by going to: and clicking on the "Who are my legislators?" button.

  • Be sure to write or phone the Governor, as well as your legislators. Our Governor can be reached at:

  • Historically, the MOST effective way to contact legislators has been by a formal "snail mail" letter. Please see What to Say and Sample Message, below, if you are uncertain as to how to write a letter that officials will pay attention to.

  • The second most effective method of contact is a phone call. Read on for What To Say.

  • If you do not feel comfortable writing a letter or calling you can e-mail but please be aware that this is generally considered the least effective and most "informal" way of communicating with politicians (though, with the anthrax scares, many legislators on the federal level now prefer email). Follow the same rules for an email as you would for a printed letter.




 dog/cat bullet   What to Say:   dog/cat bullet

  • I Thank past PFL supporters for their WISDOM in taking up the matter once again/ I request newly elected legislators to help reintroduce and co-sponsor a Pet Facilities Law.

  • I support a self-funded Pet Facilities Law such as the former AB536, including the amendments passed by the Agriculture Committee that extend this protection to all pet species (birds, rodents, reptiles, small mammals, etc.), and would like to see such a bill reintroduced in this year's session of the state legislature.

  • I believe people who sell more than 25 pets per year should be licensed and inspected.

  • I believe ALL pet species should be given protection, NOT just dogs.

  • This type of legislation is a consumer protection bill that is long overdue.

  • As a responsible pet owner and a person who cares about animals, I emphatically DO NOT object to the small increase in pet tags to help fund the licensing and inspection program.

  • I believe that not only will the Pet Facilities Law NOT use any funds from the state budget, but its enforcement may actually ADD to state tax revenues by forcing businesses to accurately report their income and charge state tax on their "products." Everyone dealing in pets should pay a fair share of taxes.

  • Be sure to give your name, address, and phone number. A anonymous letter won't even make it to your legislator's desk, and he probably won't pay much attention to it if your address isn't included.

  • If you haven't already done so, please review the following links and familiarize yourself with the arguements presented therein.

 dog/cat bullet   Our Supporters   dog/cat bullet    Why Support the PFL: Talking Points   dog/cat bullet

 dog/cat bullet    Dept. of Ag., Trade, & Consumer Protection Funding Analysis   dog/cat bullet



Sample Message:

       Below is a sample message, which will give you a starting point for your own sentiments regarding the need for regulation of the pet industry. Please use your own sentiments and experiences, and remember, always be respectful and courteous. Rude or abusive letters will hurt, rather than help, our cause.

The Honorable (legislator's name)
His/her address
City, State, Zip

Dear Sen/Rep Name:

        I strongly support a self-funded Pet Facilities Law such as the former AB536, including the amendments passed by the Agriculture Committee, and would like to see such a bill reintroduced in this year's session of the state legislature.

       Please work to have the former AB536 reintroduced in the new legislative session, IN WHOLE including the amendments passed by the Agriculture Committee. ALL pet species should be given protection NOT just dogs.

        With the passage of this bill, Wisconsin might finally start catching up to other states in our ability to regulate breeding, boarding, pet dealer and kennel operations. For too long our state has been the recipient of 'bad actors' from other states that have passed similar legislation. These people come to Wisconsin and set up shop because they know that we don't have the laws necessary to enforce even minimum standards. It has already been proven that many of them don't pay sales tax or correctly report income tax. That hurts all of us.

       A Pet Facilities Bill is NOT an animal rights group bill. A Pet Facilities Bill is about a variety of things including consumer protection, leveling the playing field for responsible small business owners, and yes, humane treatment of companion animals. I hope I can count on you to do the right thing for Wisconsin consumers, business owners and pets.

       Please help bring back the Pet Facilities Bill.

Your Name
Your Address

Please note: You MUST include your name and address. Your legislator won't pay much attention to what you have to say if this information isn't included--if your letter even reaches his desk.

       PLEASE always be respectful and courteous.


Join Our Classified Ad Campaign:

       We are gathering information on where puppy mill pets are advertised. Help us! Simply mail a copy of your area newspaper, shopper and bargain guide to:

Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project
Attn: Classified Ad Project
PO Box 516
Elkhart Lake, WI 53020

Donate to Our Classified Ad Campaign:

       Your donation will go to help fund educational ads in the newspapers where people are "shopping" for pets. Make check payable to Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project and mail to:

Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project
Attn: Classified Ad Project
PO Box 516
Elkhart Lake, WI



Attend Public Hearings:

       One of the most important ways to advocate for animals is to attend "Public Hearings." It will be very important for as many animal advocates as possible to attend these hearings. Please do not be intimidated by speaking in public. It's easy. We must be the voices for those who have none.

       Just bring a short statement -- it can even be a copy of a letter you have already written or your own version of the sample above. You might also want to review the Dept. of Ag., Trade, & Consumer Protection Funding Analysis to help organize your thoughts.

        Even if you don't want to talk...just show up. Bring a small placard -- the Pet March photo album will give you some ideas.

       Remember: the victims of commercial greed cannot speak for themselves. It's up to you!




       Talk to people! Tell your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and relatives about puppy mills. Encourage people who are looking for pets to adopt a homeless animal from a shelter or breed placement group. HELP them find the pet of their dreams. Tell them about the link between pet shop animals and the mills that produce them. Remind them that when they "buy" from a pet shop, classified ad seller or pet mill that they destine the animal's parents to continued the "breed for profit" cycle. Ask them to THINK about the ones they leave behind! Tell them that buying from these places is NOT a "rescue." It is only helping to perpetuate the problem by supporting the "market" and lining the miller's pockets.

       WE are the only people who can stop the abuse and neglect of pet animals used for profit in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is already seeing an increase in pet mills. Millers want to operate where there is no regulation. No standards means more profit and less "hassle" for them. We need a massive effort on the part of ALL humane-minded people to STOP the abuse of the "pets for profit" milling industry.


First, they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight you,
then you win.
Mohandas Gandhi




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