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The New Wisconsin Pet Facilities Bill
& Recommended Administrative Rules

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Existing WI "Crimes Against Animals" statutes

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       The Wisconsin Pet Facilities Law, which, among other things, regulates the breeding and sale of companion animals in the state of Wisconsin, was added to the WI State Statutes during the 2002 budget process. Unfortunately, due to a barrage of phone calls from a Wisconsin dog breeders' lobby, then-Governor McCallum line-item vetoed all provisions for funding enforcement of the law and for fines and penalties. During the 2003 budget process, the original PFL was repealed.

       Immediately, three Wisconsin State Representatives (Rep. Larry Balow, Rep. Jeff Wood, and Rep. Tom Lothian) worked to re-introduced the (nearly) original Pet Facilities Law!

       The Re-introduced Pet Facilities Bill is a seven-page pdf file provided by Rep. Balow's office. This file will give you the exact wording of the proposed new law.

       The Recommended Administrative Rules document is the 14-page PET FACILITIES LICENSING ADVISORY COUNCIL REPORT, with their recommended Administrative Rules for the Pet Facilities Law. These rules were written by a coalition of people representing humane organizations, animal rescues, breeders, pet shops, consumers, dog trainers and other facilities and "animal businesses" that would be licensed and inspected under the law. The Administrative Rules define all of the details for implementation and enforcement.

       Please note: The Re-introduced Pet Facilities Bill and the Recommended Administrative Rules are both pdf documents. You will need the Acrobat Reader to read them, but this is a free download from the link above.


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