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Pet March On the State Capitol, 21 March 03

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       Wisconsin Animal Rescue, The Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project, Alliance for Animals and the Humane Society of the United States (Central States Regional Office) held a PET MARCH on THE CAPITOL on Friday, March 21, 2003 from noon-1pm.

       We want to thank everyone who attended, along with their dogs — and we didn't forget our poop bags, either!

       Our march "kicked off" the Public Hearings season and let our legislators know that the proper care of animals is important to us. Speakers addressed the need for the Pet Facilities Law. Unfortunately, because of inclement weather, we didn't get the turn out we'd hoped for, and our efforts were overshadowed in the media by demonstrators against the war in Iraq. However, a few people did listen ot our message that we DO NOT want the Pet Facilities Law to be repealed and we DO want the law's original self-funding measures reinstated.

       See our Pet March photo album or click on individual links below for more pictures. They might give you some ideas in case you want to hold your own Pet March to inform people in your area about the conditions in Wisconsin puppy mills and about the Pet Facilities Law.

YOU have the power to make the puppymills and backyard breeders give these dogs better care....stand up and be a voice for dogs ... who do not have a voice!
               — Sara G.


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